Why use cloth napkins?

Why use cloth napkins? - White Tulip Embroidery

May 12, 2018

 Why bother with cloth napkins?

1. Eventually it will save you money!

Initially the napkins will cost more than a role of paper towels or paper napkins but in the long run you will save a bundle!

Cloth Napkin better than paper napkin

2. Cloth napkins look nicer than paper napkins.

Without a doubt, cloth napkins look significantly better than paper napkins. Even a cheap handkerchief has more personality than basic paper napkins.










 handkerchief napkins


3. Cloth napkins are heartier.

Remember how when you eat chicken wings, your paper napkin disintegrates after just a couple of uses? Cloth napkins make it much easier to keep your gooey food in your napkin instead of on your clothes.















2. Teach your kids manners.

Teaching your kids general table manners will serve them well throughout their lives.




1. You produce less trash with cloth napkins!


Each year, millions of pounds of trash end up in our landfills. Keeping our kitchen paper usage to a minimum helps our environment and wildlife.