Design Placement

All napkins measure 20" x 20"

Machine embroidered

Machine washable

Napkins imported from India. Embroidered with care in Atlanta, GA.

AVAILABLE FABRICS (see pictures for clarification):
1. Hemstitch Cotton: White, Ivory, Black, Navy, Grey, Pink or Light Blue - Hemstitch edge is elegant and formal.
2. Sateen Cotton with Mitered Corners: White, Ivory, Black or Gray - Classic, soft napkins with mitered corners
3. Matte Poly: White, Ivory and Black - Little to no ironing, matte finish with a hemmed edge.
4. Natural Linen Cotton Blend: 80% cotton / 20% linen. Perfect for a natural hemstitch linen look.
5. Linen Napkins: 100% Natural Linen Napkin, elegant, high quality linen napkin