Napkin Care

Cotton Napkin Care:

Cotton and Linen Napkins:
Saturate any stains with a commercial stain remover. Wash in cold water. Add touch of bleach or borax if needed. If stains remain, repeat process. Dry with no-heat cycle (or on clothesline) to 95% dry. Ironing napkins while slightly damp often gives the best results. You can also iron with steam or spray lightly with water before ironing (keep iron moving to prevent scorching).

Poly Napkin Care:

Wash in warm water with a cold rinse. Dry cycle should below to cold. This will keep them as wrinkle free as possible.  For a crisper look, a warm (not hot) press may be in order. OxiClean or Shout would be the best way to pre-treat for any stains.




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